Bought for a friend who moved to London from Northumberland. Very well
received, she said the packaging was lovely and the candle smells
amazing! Would definitely recommend!

Vikki 03 Feb, 2022

I bought
one large star and one small heart oil burner and they are really lovely! The
packaging was really well done and they came with candles and wax melts. A
fantastic gift. The communication with the seller was also great as I requested
a last minute change to my order. If you are considering buying from this
seller don’t hesitate.

Katherineon 03 Jan, 2021

I don't often leave photo reviews, but absolutely everything this product is
The packaging and presentation are top-notch, the burner is well-made
with little rubberized pads on the base, and the wax melts fill the
entire house with a beautiful fragrance. Oh, and the seller is lovely
and responsive as well. :)
I was so impressed I immediately bought another burner and melts

Monika 20 Dec, 2020

Love this, looks amazing. The seller even included some free Christmassy wax melts which was a lovely touch (and they smell amazing)

deborahleah 20 Nov, 2021

Seller was extremely helpful when I messaged about my order. Sister was
delighted with her gift. Would definitely recommend and I’ll buy from again :)

Jacqueline on 11 Apr, 2021

Distilled by nature

100% SOY WAX

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Handcrafted with purpose

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When buying from a maker!

You’re buying more than just an object, you’re buying hundreds of hours of failures and experimentations. You’re buying days, weeks and months of unfiltered emotions with moments of pure joy that are quite literally poured into every piece. Subsequently, you aren’t just buying an object, you are buying a piece of heart and soul. A chance to own a moment of someone’s life, that really does have that special meaning. By buying from us, you are buying us more time to do something we love.