Candle Care

    • When lighting for the first time, always allow to burn for two hours. This will allow wax to pool evenly for the duration of its burn time. (Take note too, that ideally, candles should not be burned for more than four hours at a time).
    • Never blow out a candle! To ensure a perfect burn and to not compromise the oils with bacteria use the lid to snuff out the flame. (Leave for two hours before moving or relighting).
    • Removal of old burnt wood,  you must remove the burnt wood off your wick in between burns. Simply just pinch the black wood with two fingers, lightly wiggle, and snap off what is easily removed.
    • Relighting candle, using a match or extended lighter, tilt 45 degrees to ensure all the wood is touching the flame.
    • Light candles one hour prior to the arrival of guests for that maximum punch of fragrance.

      We use natural products and therefore you may notice some discolouration in your wax overtime. This is due to the natural properties of the wooden wick infusing with the melted wax. This is purely cosmetic and does not affect the performance of your candle in any way..