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Introducing our Eco Bath Home Grown Natural Loofah, the ultimate tool for cleansing and revitalising your skin. Our natural loofah is grown without the use of any chemicals or pesticides on a small farm in the fertile region of Antioch in Southern Turkey. With a large and light texture, our loofahs soften and become more flexible when wet, allowing for effective cleansing and massaging of the skin.

Not only does exfoliating with our natural loofah provide an immediate effect of smoother skin, but it can also help improve kidney function and digestion. Perfect for feet, knees, legs or any areas that could use a little extra softening, our loofahs are hand-picked and quick-drying, with resistance to mould growth. 

Add water to our flat loofah and watch it expand into its full round shape, ready to provide you with the ultimate cleansing and revitalizing experience.

What is loofah, you may ask? It's a climbing vine related to gourds and cucumbers and is sometimes called the 'dishrag vine', due to the sponge like qualities of the dried fruit. The loofah is the only plant source of sponge and has been used in bathrooms and kitchens for centuries. Traditionally cultivated in India and the Middle East, where the name originates, loofah is also grown in other dry, warm regions.


  • Made from organic, natural loofah plant
  • Grown traditionally without the use of any chemicals or pesticides
  • Large and light texture which softens with greater flexibility for effective cleansing and massaging of the skin
  • Quick-drying and resistant to mould growth
  • Exfoliates and invigorates skin
  • Perfect for feet, knees, legs, or areas that could be softer
  • Comes flat and expands into a full round shape when wet
  • Helps improve kidney function and digestion
  • Traditionally grown and hand-picked

All our products are hand poured in the UK. Dovecote Northumberland is a sustainable brand of home fragrance.

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