Natural Loofah Back Strap

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Transform your bathing experience with our Eco Bath Natural Loofah Strap. Made from natural loofah plant and towelling, this strap cleanses and revitalises your skin, while its double sided design provides easy access to even the hardest to reach places.

Grown without the use of any chemicals or pesticides, our natural loofahs have a large, light texture that makes them softer and more flexible for effective cleansing and massaging of the skin, with the added benefits of quick drying and resistance to mould growth.


  • The lengthy strap allows for easy reach of hard-to-reach places
  • Skin-friendly for the best bath experience
  • Double-sided for easy access to back, shoulders, and neck
  • Cleanses and massages your body for a refreshed and revitalized feeling

All our products are hand poured in the UK. Dovecote Northumberland is a sustainable brand of home fragrance.

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